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We can take your image datasets and process them better to bring out previously hidden features and indicators of possible targets. We can also help you get the best out of your interpretations and can provide bespoke, in-house instruction on how to do this. We can use a variety of industry standard data such as Landsat, ASTER, hyperspectral and air photos at various resolutions to help you target your search areas.

To get the best out of your data we can integrate it all within a GIS. This may include other datasets you use such as magnetic, gravity or geochemical data. Finally we can visualise your data in 3D so that your geoscientists can quickly and easily get a view of the 'big picture', to further aid decision making for targeting your sites and sweet spots.

We can digitise map elements into digital format from your legacy paper and analogue inputs, to enable seamless combining with various surface and subsurface packages you will already be using. The GIS can then be updated, managed and maintained over time using your derived data.

We have expertise in looking for minerals both in the field and in first view overpass studies, as part of a company's desktop reconnaissance. Previous projects include targeting for diamonds, gold and platinum. We can help to find hidden structures, geomorphology and other resources such as ore body visualisation and prediction.

We can advise on first stage exploration based on the use of satellite image and air photo interpretation, for onshore hydrocarbons in combination with basin and play mapping. We can model water flow from current or palaeo channels for basin studies.

Renewables can also benefit from an integrated approach with GIS when looking for best site location, for example planning of wind farms and solar farms; data management; and surveying and monitoring environmental compliance by satellite.

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Testimonials from Consulting and Training Clients

"Answered all questions and had patience for all, on time and organised"

"Created an easy and relaxed learning atmosphere"

"The consultant was very friendly, a very good trainer"

"For me, the most significant thing I heard the exploration manager say was that he was seeing trends in the area he hadn't seen before, where, for the first time, I was actually pulling together numerous functions to derive new maps, rather than merely learning new functions of the GIS"

"Very good and helpful"

"Consultant was engaged and kept up with our work"

"Professional, cheerful and friendly service"

"Made this subject most interesting for me, he was really funny and knew how to get the subject across to his students"

"Excellent - nothing more to say!"

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