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Unfolding Earth was formed out of a need for the synthesis of various techniques as used by mapping, exploration and renewable energy companies. Digital and field-based mapping, remote sensing and image analysis, GIS and an understanding of regional geology can all work together to save companies time and money in their exploration projects. Unfolding Earth Director Mike Phillips says: "the increasing need for renewable energy has resulted in new data for wind and solar companies to aid their mapping needs, and planning for environmental concerns and how to remediate post-mining or post-drilling. All of these are helped by integration of data using GIS. Additionally in a geoscience industry requiring well trained staff, Unfolding Earth can offer personal tuition and courses to match your needs"

Mike Phillips BSc (Hons) MSc (MRes) FGS trained as a geologist in remote sensing and GIS and has worked on mineral exploration, petroleum exploration and environmental projects since the 1990s. A former university lecturer, Mike has been a professional trainer, field course leader, consultant and analyst for over 15 years, working for the National Remote Sensing Centre, Farnborough (UK); the University of Bergen (Norway); the University of Greenwich; Exprodat Consulting (including Nautilus and Petroskills); Saudi Aramco and many other Petroleum companies; and mining companies, including De Beers Geosciences (South Africa).

Mike is a qualified TAP trainer and Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

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